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Royal Forensic Services (New Delhi) welcomes you to the domain of Forensic Science. 

We are highly qualified, experienced (more than 30 years), energetic group of forensic scientists including many distinguished experts which include young and enthusiastic scientists besides retired officials from N.I.C.F.S., Ministry of Home Affairs, and C.B.I..

We are presently engaged in examining cases, tendering opinion for validity of reports (admissible u/s 45 of Indian Evidence Act, 1872), teaching & training to police officials, I.A.S. & I.P.S. officers, bank officials, students, etc.

We proudly announce that Royal Forensic Services is the only private laboratory exclusively working in the field of Tape Authentication and Voice Identification cases under the guidance of the Former Director, Central Forensic Science Laboratory (C.F.S.L.), C.B.I., New Delhi.

As for the practical use of Forensic science, we are currently offering expertise for:

  • Questioned Documents
  • Fingerprint Examination 
  • Handwriting & Signature Analysis 
  • Voice Identification 
  • Tape Authentication  
  • Audio & Video Examination 
  • Trap Cases & Sting Operations 
  • Ballistic & Weapon Identification
  • Post-Mortem Report Analysis
  • Prevention of Corruption Cases
  • Forensic Report Analysis 
  • Crime Scene Re-Investigation
  • Section 138 NI Act Cases

Our Services


                                                                    Handwriting Examination

Signature Examination                                                            

                                                                Documents Verification

Fingerprint Examination                                                       

                                                                        Audio & Video Examination

Forensic Graphology                                                               

                                                            Forensic Consultancy

Examination of Documents:

It mainly covers Handwriting analysis and examination, Signature analysis, Document Fraud detection, and etc.

Anything written, drawn, indented or printed on any article such as paper, wood, wall, cardboard, etc., to make sense or to express something is called a document in a much broader context. However, in a civilized society the general documents we use are written or printed words on paper that can be used as an official record of something if a person, group or organization, department undertakes its responsibility, i.e., by signing, by seal, etc.

A document can be anything like agreement, cheque, will, registery, bill, etc. These are sometimes denied by their supposed writers, forged, questioned,  and /or claimed to be non authentic. In other cases, sometimes the writer himself has to prove his claim.

A questioned document is one in which a document as entirely, or in part, is subjected to question or the authenticity/origin of it is in doubt. It can be anything, for example, signature, handwriting, typewriting or other marks whose authenticity comes under doubt.

Forensic Graphology:

The art of analyzing signature, handwriting or any other handwritten scripts for the purpose of analyzing personality, behaviour, and mentality assessment is known as forensic graphology.

  •  Self-personality assessment.
  •  Personality/behavior assessment of the workers in
    an office.
  •  Knowing the thought process of your child.
  •  Know the professional future prospective of yourself
    or any other person.
  •  Graphological therapy.


Fingerprints Examination: 

Fingerprint is the impression of the friction ridges present on the fingers. A friction ridge is a raised portion of the epidermis on the fingers and toes, the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot, consisting of one or more connected ridge units of friction ridge skin.  

When these friction ridges come in contact with any smooth surface, it leaves its impression behind which is developed with the help of various developing techniques and matched with control sample (suspected fingerprint).  

Fingerprint is a most important and easily accessible biometric feature in which one can perfectly correlate someone presence if his/her fingerprints are found on that particular place.

A fingerprint examiner proves the genuineness of the evidence by the scientific technique which an expert uses and the relevancy of that technique for such examination in court of law.

The expert examines the fingerprint(s) and mention the parameters based on which opinion is formed whether matching or not, or vice versa.

Fingerprint is accepted as an evidence in court from early periods till date because of its unique and accurate features and universal.

Audio / Video Forensics:

Audio and Video forensics deal with the examination and analysis of media contained in any form of data format in any storage type. Media can be anything from picture, movie, voice recording or video recording. This can be stored digitally or on magnetic tape, film roll (negatives), cassettes etc.  

These media can be evidence of any particular event, situation, instance or accident and can be used as proof of it. For it to be considered as evidence, its authenticity has to be certified. A media can only be authentic if no change has been done to its original state which is generally referred as editing, mastering or tampering.  

It is a challenging task to certify an audio or video as in the modern scenario. Presence of advanced editing tools and techniques makes it easy to edit and hard to detect but to an eye of the professional expert, these can be certainly identified.  

RFS provides this professional service at very high accuracy so that the truth behind the audio/video clips can be revealed to the court or any parallel/equivalent authority. RFS has provided this service for many important cases and cleared all doubts on their particular media.  

When to contact us: 

If you have an audio/ video recording that needs to be authenticated.  

If you feel that the audio/ video produced by someone is edited or tampered.  

If you know that the media document is edited but unable to prove it.  

If you feel that the audio/ video you possess is authentic, untouched but doubts are being raised. 

If you have to go by legal process and need guidance.  

If the audio/video has to be examined before the court.  

 Forensic Consultation Services:

We provide consultation on various aspects of 

investigation like-

  • Consultations on murder, suicide, rape, domestic  violence, property related cases.
  • Medico –legal consultation.
  • Medical negligence.
  • Explosion cases.
  • Arson cases.
  • Document and Handwriting cases.
  • Cyber Forensic cases.
  • Toxicology and drug related cases.
  • Biological evidence related consultation.
  • CCTV footage examination and consultation.

*Note : There is no commitment from RFS to prove anything, the outcome will purely depend on the examination results and cumulative analysis. We do not undertake any work with the surety of desired results but only surety that is taken is for accuracy and truth. 

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